Profile Jetske Sleeuwenhoek

Company Flinter Management B.V.
Title HRM Administrator Crewing
Address Krakau 3 2993 LV Barendrecht
Office phone 0102921777
Functional categories Human Resource,
Ship manager
Shipping categories Bulk / Multi Purpose
Job description
Description of company Flinter is a provider of modern transport by sea and related services. We manage and operate a fleet of modern cargo vessels with a cargo capacity of up to 11,000 metric tons. The larger part of our fleet consists of multipurpose vessels. These vessels have been designed specifically for carrying various types of dry cargo, whether or not combined. Area of operations With around 50 vessels in ownership or under our control, we rank in the top 5 shipping companies in the Netherlands. Virtual
Started in shipping 2008
Last update 11 December at 13:35 (CET)