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What's going on?

09 October 2017
WISTA International elects new President and Secretary

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, CEO of TOTOTHEO Maritime and Diane Edwards, General Manager People, Systems and Technology Ports of Auckland elected at the WISTA International AGM in Rotterdam Read more

Swedish members

Annica Börjesson Annica Börjesson Read more Carina Wermelin Carina Wermelin Read more Lisa Ericsson Lisa Ericsson Read more Yvonne Mellander Yvonne Mellander Read more Anna Eriksson Anna Eriksson Read more Maria Klaving Maria Klaving Agent for Ship yards, Portrepair companies &... Read more Carina Olofsson Carina Olofsson Handling of transportation on land and sea for... Read more Maria Libäck Maria Libäck Read more Elin Kristensson Elin Kristensson Read more Lotta Åkre Lotta Åkre Responsible for chartering and operatons of 2 TC... Read more Carina Sköld Carina Sköld Read more Susanna Vennerstrand Susanna Vennerstrand Trade Finance Sales. Helping exporting and... Read more Britta Stolt Britta Stolt Head of Human Resources, for crew and shore based... Read more Anna Lundberg Anna Lundberg Freelance maritime journalist Read more Carolina Ulff Carolina Ulff As a shipbroker I scour the market for buyers, or... Read more Ingela Turner Ingela Turner PSC, HSC and Flagstate control Read more Ann-Sofie Wetterholm Ann-Sofie Wetterholm Operation manager ocean exports and major accounts Read more Ina Salmose Ina Salmose Responsible for deck maintenance, cargo planning... Read more Gertrud Hermansen Gertrud Hermansen Consultant within marketing, communication and... Read more Carina Björkeborn Carina Björkeborn Read more Marianne Broberg Marianne Broberg Read more Frida Rowland Frida Rowland Read more Cecilia Österman Cecilia Österman Read more Anna Andreasson Anna Andreasson Read more Cajsa Jersler Fransson Cajsa Jersler Fransson Working with e-Navigation in the STM Validation... Read more Katarina Giertz Katarina Giertz Responsible for operations within Competence... Read more Leena Tegevi Leena Tegevi Read more Gesa Praetorius Gesa Praetorius I'm a human factors researcher currently working... Read more Linda Andersson Hulthen Linda Andersson Hulthen Read more Kerstin Hansdotter Sköld Kerstin Hansdotter Sköld Deputy Business Manager at Swedish Maritime... Read more Cathrine Råbacka Cathrine Råbacka Area Sales Manager in Sweden. Selling all 23... Read more Maria Nygren Maria Nygren I am a meeting professional and have many years... Read more Karolina Kjellgren Karolina Kjellgren Read more Jeanette Wettterström Jeanette Wettterström Head of Human Resources Read more Sofia Fürstenberg Sofia Fürstenberg Read more Cecilia Gartell Cecilia Gartell Read more Lena Göthberg Lena Göthberg GiIGS as they turn up. Moderating, recruiting,... Read more