Welcome to WISTA Finland ry

Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) is an international organization for women involved in maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide.

WISTA aims to be a major player in attracting more women to the industry and in supporting women in management positions. With networking, education and mentoring in focus we can enhance members’ competence and empower career success.

WISTA Finland ry (registered association) has been active since  1980’s. The most prominent year in its history so far has been 1997 as WISTA Finland organized and hosted the WISTA international Conference and AGM, where more than 100 women from all over the world gathered in Helsinki.

WISTA Finland ry has members from various sectors in shipping and trading and international trade: ship owners, charterers, ship brokers, insurers, traders, lawyers, surveyors, logistic professionals, governmental bodies , research organizations, ports and more.
WISTA Finland ry’s activities include both events in which the main focus is on professional development as well as social events. Combination of these two gives excellent networking possibilities for all women within the trade, it also enhances business possibilities and information flow within the industry.

Our goal is to have interactive and professionally interesting meetings, which usually include a professional visit to an industry related company or facility. This offers us a great privilege of being introduced to the business at hands. At times very practical events take place, like a customized ship in distress survival course at the Maritime Safety Training Centre.

Became interested? Please contact WISTA Finland ry Board members (contact details) to find out more, or just click Join us and fill in the application form!

Welcome onboard! Tervetuloa mukaan!
Maija Mattila
President WISTA Finland