WISTA Netherlands was established in 2000 and currently has 140 members.  WISTA wants to inspire, energize, motivate, and educate women in the maritime industry, to increase their competence and empower them in their careers. WISTA also wants to be a diverse network where all maritime disciplines and age categories are represented.
WISTA’s ambitions consist of attracting more women to the maritime industry, supporting women in management positions, and making the maritime industry an attractive career option for young driven people.
To realize these ambitions WISTA organizes workshops, company visits, presentations of professional speakers, an annual general meeting and international conference, networking events and other social gatherings. WISTA also facilitates discussions with other industries and young professionals.

WISTA Membership

It is encouraging and motivating to meet other women with a similar professional background and with an understanding of the issues that are encountered building a maritime career. Our members represent a broad range of the maritime industry, but we are always on the look-out for new members that can contribute and be of additional value to our network.

WISTA membership brings you:
•  Broad and diverse network of women from the entire maritime industry (shipping, shipbuilding,  
    offshore, marine contracting, ports, navy, maritime equipment suppliers, and maritime service
    providers; lawyers, financiers, insurers, accountants, and brokers)
•  International contacts in the maritime industry
•  Company visits, workshops, presentations and social gatherings
•  Platform for career opportunities
•  Monthly newsflash
•  The WISTA Website with contact information of the members and market information
•  International Conference where 300-400 members learn and exchange experiences for 3 days on new challenges the maritime industry is
    facing and topics as innovation, financing, sustainability, safety etc.

If you are a woman working at management level in the Dutch maritime industry…..
We challenge you to join us!