WISTA USA's Board of directors

The Board manages and is responsible for the governance of the affairs of WISTA USA.  At present, WISTA USA's Board consists of the President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, and five (5) individuals elected at the AGM.

The present ExCo Board comprises:

  Name Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons
Board position President
Board responsibilities Overall responsibility
E-mail aa@tms-fla.com
Title President
Company Total Marine Solutions Inc.
Country Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


  Name Kathleen Haines
Board position Treasurer
Board responsibilities Finances
E-mail khaines@holbridge.com
Title CFO
Company Heidmar, Inc. 
Country Norwalk, CT, USA


  Name Parker Harrison
Board position Membership Secretary
Board responsibilities Admission to membership; membership communications; website
E-mail parker.harrison@crowley.com
Title Director, Claims
Company Crowley Maritime Corporation
Country Jacksonville, FL, USA


  Name Mary T. Reilly
Board position Member Liaison to WISTA ExCo 
Board responsibilities Liaison between WISTA USA and ExCo
E-mail mreilly@hillbetts.com
Title Partner, Hill, Betts & Nash, LLP
Company Hill, Betts & Nash, LLP
Country Ney York, NY, USA


  Name Jeanne Grasso
Board position Immediate Past President
Board responsibilities Advisory
E-mail grasso@blankrome.com
Title Partner
Company Blank Rome LLP
Country Washington, DC, USA


  Name Laura Sherman
Board position Board member
Board responsibilities General
E-mail LSherman@register-IRI.COM
Title Director of Marketing
Company International Registries, Inc
Country Reston, VA, USA


  Name Kathy Plemer
Board position Board member
Board responsibilities General
E-mail plemer@chaffe.com
Title Partner
Company Chaffe McCall, LLP
Country New Orleans, LA USA


  Name Frances Keeler
Board position Board member
Board responsibilities General
E-mail frances.keeler@clydeco.us
Title Senior Counsel
Company Clyde & Co.
Country Newport Beach, CA, USA


  Name Boriana Farrar
Board position Board Member
Board responsibilities Recording Secretary - General
E-mail boriana.farrar@american-club.com
Title VP - Sr. Claims Executive - Counsel
Company Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc.
Country New York, NY, USA